Engage, motivate, and inspire others.


Making the transition from individual contributor to leader is a variable trajectory — It’s one thing to manage yourself, and something entirely different to manage others. While it’s easy to focus on the technical skills needed to get the job done, what is needed to engage, motivate, and inspire others to perform and deliver at their best? 

MJ works with people managers at various levels in an organisation to support their leadership journey and transform from the inside out. Learn to navigate complex and volatile business environments, adapt a creative mindset, and break personal and systemic barriers to achieve what you truly want.

The satisfaction with the workshop content, delivery and facilitators (MJ and a colleague) is in the 90th percentile. What has been particularly noteworthy, however, has been the impact that the (ongoing) seminars have had on our organisation… I recommend her as a facilitator, coach and external collaborator. 
Head of Learning & Talent Development, Global Wealth Management Company

Leadership Services

"Managers light a fire under people; Leaders light a fire in people."
- Kathy Austin


Leadership begins and evolves with self-awareness: What are my strengths, values, and purpose? What is the vision or dream I am holding? What is the impact I am having (both consciously and unconsciously)? Explore and develop yourself individually or in groups through facilitated experiential training and targeted psychometric assessments.

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Ready to transition from being a single contributor to a skillful manager and inspiring leader? Sharpen your leadership skills and effectiveness through the practical application of cutting-edge tools, models, and methodologies.

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Expand into the highest echelons of leadership, be it a seat in the boardroom, a place in the C-Suite, or by creating meaningful impact in whatever environment you choose.

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What I appreciate about MJ’s style is the skillful way that she moves between training tangible skills such as collaborative communication and facilitating impactful conversations. She manages to hold the team/group to an outcome driven agenda in a light and playful way creating learning through engaging exercises as well as paired and small group discussion. During technical conversations, MJ knows when to fade out and fade in to invite us to a strategic viewpoint, point out behavioral impacts and keep the conversation focused and forward moving. What I also appreciate about MJ is the way she gently reminds us that we are all human, and therefore so much greater than our role. It was a pleasure collaborating with MJ. I recommend her highly.

Head of Learning & Talent Development
Global Wealth Management Company